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My name is Dimitri Illarionov. I am a guitarist: mainly classical, sometimes not very classical. But still 100% academic musician. Welcome to my virtual ‘hopeness’ 👉 page.

In case you are wondering how to spell those «Ill» in the beginning of my last name, just say:  first: «Hillary», second: «On», third: «Off».
ILLARI-ON-OV. It is much easier than you may think.

I do like to play solo as well as with other great people and orchestras.
Below 👇👇👇 you can watch couple of video examples.

Here’s some ‘Hopeness’ for you – a piece I wrote in 2014.

* ‘Hopeness’ is a neologism for a state or condition of having hope.

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First prizes and awards
~ 100
World premieres presented*
Countries toured
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Concierto de Aranjuez played 🙂

* You need to know that ‘World premiere’ is my favorite word, I am serious


Selected videos


If you want to follow the evolution of my career with just four highlights, here they are. 


Dimitri Illarionov proudly plays on SAVAREZ


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