In the hour-long performance, without no intermission and applauses, Dimitri acts as a soloist, conductor, director and even as a composer. During the concert, the audience is drawn into hypnotic, almost psychodelic journey.

All the pieces of the concert are accompanied with a brilliant live generative video art by the video artist and stage designer Alexei Choy.

Parts of the concert are connected with Illarionov’s improvisations based on the theme of Gymnopédie by Erik Satie and entitled “Satie-nades”, which serve exactly as musical “Promenades” by Mussorgsky in “Pictures at an Exhibition” to move from one picture to the next. Each «Satie-nade» is presented together with short animated films by artists Ekaterina Lavrentieva and Alexei Konoplev, a kind of video intermissions.

The Project can be scaled from a Chamber ensemble through Chamber orchestra with soloists – guitar, cello, piano and accordion – to the big Symphony orchestra with same soloists. So the video does: from the small mirror-shaped screen to a huge 1.000 square meters 360 degree Dome projection.


  • Satie-nade 1*
  • Pavel Karmanov – quaREtet
  • Satie-nade 2*
  • Anton Tanonov – “Jekyll and Hyde” Fantasy
  • Liubov Terskaya – J’s Ladder
  • Satie-nade 3*
  • Alexey Aigui – Triorio
  • Anna Drubich – Nachtlied – Nocturne
  • [quasi Satie-nade] Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No. 1
  • Andrey Zelenskiy – Sol-weg – Pulsation
  • Satie-nade 4*
  • Hopeness*

(*) – by Dimitri Illarionov

“…the reality exceeded all expectations. Fresh and convincing. … Bravo. My best recomendations, it was one of the brightest impressions of the year. … Monsieur Erik would be Satie’s_fied» – Vladimir Gapontsev, guitarist

“Super Illarionov! It is just another sign of decent, vivid music, which allows to be improved even through the transcription” — Alexey Liubimov, pianist

“The most stylish evening of the festival was “Satie’s_fiction” … the project impressed as it is an expensive jewelry made with precision, taste and accuracy in details. … a feeling of aching melancholy and nostalgia for some otherworldly and, it seems, forever lost beauty» – Musical Life Magazine


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